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Social Media Jungle Boston

Today I spent my afternoon at Social Media Jungle in Waltham, Ma.  As a first timer you can never really know what you are getting yourself into when you go to one of these events, especially when the title includes the word ‘Jungle’ in it.   The title was fitting!

The morning session’s speakers included the event producer, Jeff Pulver, who spoke about the need to sometimes be vulnerable, as we learned it is not nearly as easy as it should be.  A bit later Steve Garfield spoke about ‘New Media Tools you can use to tell your story RIGHT NOW’.  I was not actually there for either of these presentations, but I was able to catch most of the conversation by tracking the #smjbos tag on my twitter feed.

I brought my Casio Exilim  ex-s10 camera along and thought I would share some of the presentations from the afternoon.

Chris Penn on the important numbers and how we should be thinking about the metrics.


Steven Dill on “Social Media Lessons Learned: From the perspective of a skeptical Online Marketer”

Steven’s Blog

Leslie Poston on ”Bringing Generations Together For Success In The New Millennium”

Leslie’s Website

Maria Thurrell & Alexa Scordato on “Social Media: Make new friends but keep the old ones.”

Maria’s website

Alexa’s Blog

Nice head fake!  You had the audience thinking this was about friendship when all the while it was really all about marketing and what genuine human interaction  can bring to a brand.

Other speakers in the afternoon session included Matthew Mamet on Video 2.0 and Mike Lanford on “The evolution of conversation.” Overall there was a interesting mix of perspectives shared on how social media is changing the way we work and live.   There is a jungle of options to choose from when we look at the social media landscape today.  The takeaway: try many, know that not all will work for you, determine what does work and go with it!