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Social Media Club Boston – change-dot-gov Panel

If you haven’t been to a Social Media Club Boston event definitely consider making it to the next one!  Here is Sandy @skalik, one of the organizers of SMC Boston with a little info about the event…

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It’s the End of the School Year, Time to Pack Up

If you are an international student not sure of what to expect as the school year winds down get some advice from experienced international students on goSwoop. I remember the end of my first year of university, trying to study for multiple exams while having to write papers, prepare presentations and get ready to leave.  It was absolute mayhem.

There are definitely some good tips that I picked up along the way to help me so that now getting ready to leave campus is a breeze. No longer do I have to stress out about balancing studying and work with packing and preparing my belongings.  Rather I have been able to spend time with friends and enjoy the spring weather.

Here is a chapter on goSwoop that I found to offer some good advice. It is written by Yuki Ota a student from Clark University. Here is some of the chapter for you to read…

Moving out from Dorms!!! SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!
Summer is around the corner. Students are busy writing papers and studying for exams. But most importantly students have to pack their belongings and store them in storage that is located in school or store it with some storage company. There are deadlines of when the dorms will be closing during summer and students are strictly informed to leave by the designated time.

How do students finish packing before the deadline? Its simple, start packing early!! A week is not enough but have at least two weeks to pack. Get large boxes with lots of packaging tape. The tip here is to not pack many things in one box; its best to have some open space at the top of the box. Another important tip is not to pack all the textbooks and notebooks together because they are HEAVY! So its best to pack little of everything in each box. Dont forget that some textbooks can be sold back to the campus bookstore even though they wont give you much, your packing will be less intense. If the bookstore did not accept your books, you can always check out bunchesofbooks.com and send it to them they accept all kinds of textbooks and books! Or simply give or sell it to your friends and classmates who are taking the courses in the coming semester.
Check out the rest of this chapter by Yuki on goSwoop, ask her questions, read what else she has to say about being an international student in the U.S.