Carnival of College Admissions

This is the first time goSwoop has hosted the Carnival of College Admissions.  I hope you enjoy all the links that the participants have shared.


I spent a majority of last week working out of the office vs. the typical Boston cafe circuit.  I thought it would help me concentrate.  I consciously decided not to fire up Pandora, Tweet Deck, GMail, multiple Gchat windows and stay away from the steady flow of people looking for a seat with an outlet.  My conclusion; I think I may be a lost cause.   Elizabeth King from Elizabeth Online had some advice for students on Building Concentration for Testing, so I tested it out.  You should too!

If  you are suffering from information overload there are some really helpful tools that can help.  I don’t know about you, but I personally only really want to consume content that is relevant and I care about.  Two really helpful tools you might want to try that have reduced information overload for me are  Google Reader and using an RSS feed to read your favorite blog.

It’s summer and many of us will inevitably spend a lot of time in front of our computer screens which may call for a little inspiration at times.  Sarah Scrafford put together a list of 100 Incredibly Inspiring Blog Posts for Educators that is sure to provide you with a few laughs and give you the boost of motivation you need.

Choosing a Program: CIS, MBA & Medical

Below you will find links to programs students should consider pursuing.  Sarah Scrafford from Computer Colleges recently posted an article on 100 Open Courses on Computer Information Systems and Security.

Adam Markus, the Graduate Admissions Guru, talks about why ranking matters and what to consider when looking at the Rankings For the 41 “Top 20” MBA Programs Worldwide.

For students who are unsure of what program to pursue, The College Planning Coach offers a great perspective on Important College Admission Step: A Surprising Career Opportunity for Michigan Youth using the lack of physicians in the state of Michigan as a case study.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s:

Our economic situation has forced us all to think much more about fiscal decision making and that reins true for decisions about paying for college.  The Smarter Wallet outlines Paying for College: How To Pay For School On Your Own.  The article lists out the opportunities you should explore when deciding how to pay for college.

With four year college tuition prices increasing, you might expect students protest for a tuition freeze, right?  Guess again, Mark Montgomery authored an article about University students pushing for Tuition Increases.

Traditionally students who can not afford full tuition at a four year institution consider attending community college because it is much less expensive.  But before exploring that route you should check out  the article written by Maria Garza from Wiser Side of Life who helps us understand The Hidden Cost of Community College.

Peter Baron from Admissions Quest shares an article titled Steady Application Numbers- Increased Aid Applications: Confirmation of what we’ve been hearing.

And alas, there are always scholarships for those students who are motivated.  This week we’re sharing an article by College Degrees to build awareness that Distance Education Programs Offer Scholarships.

Other Cool Articles:

It is always good to see which celebrities have invested in a solid education.  Check out 10 Hot Celebrities Who Got their MBA or Business Degree MBA Info.

Check out an aticle by Ruoall Chapman on Everything you need to know about how to Make Online Beats.

Are you a big documentary film watcher?  Check out the 15 Best Websites for Free Documentaries by Ace Online Schools.

Add a book to your reading list on Studying Success in Education: Jay Mathews? Work Hard, Be Nice.

Photo by: William K. Daby


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