Technology and International Student Recruiting April Meetup

global_70354191The Technology and International Student Recruiting Meetup facilitates an open discussion about ways US college admissions offices can use the social web to more effectively engage and recruit international students.

Our objective is to share a wide variety of perspectives in a conversation that includes social media gurus, current international students, admissions recruiters, college marketing folks, entrepreneurs and web developers. We believe these conversations can help pioneer the next generation of international student recruiting and ultimately reinvent the way US colleges recruit students from around the world.

With the cancellation of the March Meetup due to snow, we have a lot to cover from the last two months in Technology and International Student Recruiting. I thought we ought to get the conversation started early to have a direction for the April 6th Meetup.

Twitter and Facebook seem to command the attention in most of the conversations I am involved in lately. The response to the new Facebook page design seems mixed. Personally, I am comfortable with it. I would be interested to hear how it has affected you. Information overload? How do you feel about having no real control over the changes that were made if you put a lot of resources into your old FB page?

Has Twitter hit mainstream status? In the social media community “so what’s next” seems to be a phrase I hear more and more often. If Twitter has gone mainstream what does that mean for us? How powerful is Twitter as a tool and how are you using it?

What about interactive video? Lets talk about how we can use qik, Seesmic, PermissionTV and YouTube.

Anyone want to chime in on the elephant in the room that is the economy? Lots of talk about reform in Higher Education with the Obama Administration. What does this all mean for US college and university international recruiting efforts?

Please join the preliminary discussion. Looking forward to hearing your perspective and seeing you all on April 6th!

We ask only that you bring a willingness to share your experience and ideas with the group. We encourage you to come with questions and look forward to having you join the conversation!


Networking & Refreshments (WHOLE FOODS)

6:30p – 8:00
Discussion (topics decided by group)
Please feel free to submit discussion topics prior to the Meetup!

8:00p – 8:30p

73 Tremont Street
Amenities Conference Center
Boston, MA 02108

Hope to see you there!


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