I Don’t Have Time for Social Media

“I don’t have time for social media!”

Have you heard these words come out of your mouth?

We can spend hours creating and editing blog posts, sharing links, uploading photos and streaming live video.  The many possibilities to get involved with social media can seem to be daunting and a huge time suck if there is no understanding of why we are doing all of this.

Interactive Marketing Strategist, Stephen Dill (@srdill) tells us about his initial resistance to Social Media.

(Please hold computer sideways to view this video)

After spending a little time with his mentor Aaron Strout, Stephen found Twitter to be his answer.  He could spending 24-48 writing and rewriting  ‘perfect’ blog posts, until he discovered he could produce multiple 140 character updates and maintain the level of quality on Twitter in much less time.  Twitter is not necessarily the answer for everyone, but for Stephen it made a lot of sense because he was spending so much time reworking blog posts.

Twitter facilitates millions of conversations and it is important to  understand what conversations we want to be part of and who cares about what we have to say.  If used properly, Twitter can be a real time saver  because it allows us to cut through unwanted clutter,  follow people talking about things we want to know about, and directly engage in conversations with the people who care about what we have to say.

At a recent Social Media Meetup I heard an interesting piece of advice for graduating college students. The panelist said, “If you are interviewing with a potential employer and they have no plans to using social media, run for the door as quickly as you can because that company will not survive.”

So, if you hear yourself saying “I don’t have time for social media”, the time is now to start developing a strategy, setting goals and understanding how to use the tools available to participate in the conversation!


2 responses to “I Don’t Have Time for Social Media

  1. Thanks for the cover, guys! It was fun watching sideways (no turning my iMac on its ear). And while I am not sure companies not using social media are going to fail only because of that, it is an indicator of whether or not they are aware of the changes going on in the marketplace – changes their youngest employees are certainly aware of, as well as many of their customers. It is only a matter of time before prospects will evaluate which vendor to go with by finding out to what degree they use SM to crowdsource ideas, manage customer service, and invite feedback from their customers. The companies that ask “social what?” will lose without knowing who they might have had as a new customer.

  2. Stephen, thanks for the thoughtful response. I would also agree that companies and organizations choosing not to adopt social media may not be destined to fail. What caught my attention was the conviction of the statement and how it illustrated the broad impact of SM. There is certainly a place for a social media strategy at nearly every organization.

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